How do I help my child cope with stress, anxiety or depression?

It’s normal for teens to feel stressed, anxious or sad from time to time, as they navigate school, family life and other challenges. But sometimes those feelings don’t fade on their own, and teens need extra help dealing with deeper issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. It can be tragic when teens turn to recreational drugs to cope with feelings that they don’t understand.

Talking about mental health with them is important, but it can also be difficult, especially if you haven’t done it before. This interactive scenario can prepare you to connect with your child to find healthy ways of dealing with what they’re going through.

Why is my child depressed or anxious?

Depression and anxiety can impact anyone, regardless of environment or living condition. There may not be an external reason. Ask your child when they started feeling this way and whether you can help, while not assigning blame.

When will my child stop being depressed or anxious?

There is no guarantee that your child’s feelings will just “go away.” Discuss the best option to help them and do not diminish their feelings. Seeing a trusted, licensed therapist may be the best way to help them recover.

How do I talk about this uncomfortable topic?

It’s OK to admit you find talking about mental health difficult. The most important thing is to let your child know you support them and want the best for them.

Where can I find more help?

Background on mental health disorders and treatments:

Latinx therapist directories:

Mental health resource directories: