How can I continue the conversation about fentanyl with my kids?

You’ve taken a brave step by starting this conversation with your family. It’s so important. Now that you’ve started to talk, here are some things you could say to let your young person know that you’d like to keep the communication going.

  • “Thank you for having this important conversation with me; I want to continue talking and sharing new information as we learn more. Can we agree to come together and discuss this again when either of us learns something new about this topic?”

  • “Can you let me know if you or a friend might need support? I’m here for you, and safety is my #1 priority.”

  • “If you are ever somewhere where people are being unsafe and you feel uncomfortable, you can call home for a ride with no questions asked.” Consider formalizing this by making an “X Plan.

  • “Can I help you get naloxone? We can research this and get some for both of us to have on hand.”

  • “How should I bring this topic up to you again in the future? Did this way of discussing fentanyl work for you? Is there a different approach that might work better?”


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